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Monday, August 27, 2012

My word....

As I'm sitting here (6am, coffee in hand) anticipating returning to the classroom today to set up and get ready for the new year, I'm thinking "What is one thing I'm going to do better this year?"

My word came quickly, almost too quickly that I brushed it off thinking its too obvious, but I kept coming back to it soooo....
Yes, I told you, obvious right?  Sometimes you just have to go with it! So here it is, my plan to get connected!

  1. Be a Connected Educator. This is where the obvious comes from because I just signed up to join this site a couple of weeks ago to continue making global connections with teachers and classrooms. I believe in sharing and learning from each other within your class, school, district, country and around the world. Twitter and this blog have been a large part of my quest to connect and I have learned much, but now I want to make this experience "real" for my students. It must improve student learning, not just my own.
  2. To connect with each student everyday. Maybe it will be an organized, purposeful method as Amy mentions here or something else, but to connect with each student everyday in a meaningful way letting them know I value them and they are important.
  3. To connect with parents. I plan to make use of the phone! I have read about the power of the positive call home here and from Matt here. I can imagine as a mom what that would feel like. Ultimately it gets back to the child. It is empowering for students! Yes, I will use the class blog, Twitter, and face to face interactions before and after school, but calling home is purposeful, individual, and I will reach every parent regardless of work schedule.
  4. My school is full of talented, wonderful teachers who do great things with kids. I need to connect with my own staff better. I am a busy mom as well as teacher and when my students go home my thoughts starting turning to my own kids and the pressure to get home in a timely manner is great, however, I would like to visit the rooms of my colleagues on a regular basis. I mean physically walk down the hall or down the stairs, or up the stairs to enter their rooms. I would like to see what they are doing, talk to them, encourage them, or get encouragement. I haven't been good at this, room for BIG improvement here!
  5. I want to make some new connections in my district too. I have trouble with this because I am comfortable watching and listening. I do these well! I was a quiet introverted child as I continue to be as an adult. I believe though, that I will benefit from stepping out to make face to face connections. Maybe at district workshops, sporting events or meetings. If I will encourage my students to do this, so should I!
Ok, it is in B&W so hold me accountable!



  1. I love this post Lora. I really, really love it. You have already made so many great steps to being a connected educator and I can't wait to see what you do with your students. Attitude is everything and you most certainly have the right attitude. I'm so eager to learn and share with you this year. Karen

    1. It is going to be a fantastic year, Karen. I'm glad we met at Ed camp and looking forward to interacting with our classes this year!

  2. Beautiful post. Connections, relationships and community is what is jumping out and hitting me on the head this getting-ready-for-September time of year.


    1. Thanks Sandi, yes stepping out of my comfort zone has been so worthwhile in many ways, but most especially in the connections I have made. Looking forward to continuing this year

  3. I wish you well as you seek to connect this school year. I'm hoping to do much better with phonics instruction for my reading groups. I know this is "old school" but it's what my students need.

    ~ Michael <><
    The Color of Sound