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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Yes, right, it is past Thanksgiving! At least the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday, but since I'm choosing to think of Thanksgiving as more of an attitude than a day, it does not matter a bit. Am I right?

So here are my TOP PICKS

  1. Family.  The whole, ever changing group that includes 3 children, hubby, 4 parents, 3 grandparents, 1 brother and family, 1sister-in-law and family, 1 nephew, 4 nieces, aunts, uncles cousins.... You always know you are a part of something greater in a family.
  2. Home. I am realizing more and more the importance of a quiet, comfortable space filled with loved ones and treasured objects.
  3. A job I love!  It is a privilege to share in the learning of precious young students.
  4. Sleep
  5. Great neighbours that drive my kids to school everyday!
  6. Friends that will go beyond all expectations to dig up a GIANT sunflower from the grandparents and drive it to my house late one night because she knows how I love doing a sunflower unit with my students and she knows my sunflowers are not blooming!
  7. Colleagues that are also your good friends.
  8. A principal that both supports and challenges.
  9. A husband who is beyond measure.  He will build a bench because my students can't reach the smartboard or make a portable pool to race our class boats in.
  10. Technology that makes this world smaller.  (I must admit to a love/hate relationship to this)
  11. My faith that gives me hope.
  12. Health. I appreciate the things I am able to do. 

I am truly Blessed!

What are you thankful for?


  1. Beautiful post. I agree with you; thanksgiving should be an attitude and a practice, not just a day to eat too much turkey.